6 Awesome Things Website Owners Need to Know About Google Analytics Today

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6 Awesome Things Website Owners Need to Know About Google Analytics Today

Website Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a free web-based platform that allows you to collect data about the visitors to your website. It enables you to collect and analyze info about everything from how the user got to your site, what they did while on the site, whether they converted or not as well as offering lots of additional information about the user. Rather than guessing about what the statistics of your website are, you can register for a free Google Analytics account to monitor your progress and ratings. This will allow you to follow prospects and customers more closely, as well as devise a plan around targeting them. Here are six awesome things you need to know about Google Analytics.
1. It is Completely Free

Google Analytics is completely free to use and is available online with no purchase of subscriptions necessary. You can use it to track the statistics of your website without any charges. To register for Google Analytics, you need a Gmail account, which also free to create if you do not have one.

2. Know Your Traffic Flow

Google Analytics can show you how traffic is flowing in a visual flow chart. This enables you to know where the majority of visitor traffic is accessing your website from, number of people that visit subsequent links as well as bounce rates as they navigate the website. This information is quite beneficial as it enables you to know what your popular landing pages are and the bounce rates for each page, allowing you to concentrate on improving those pages to increase visitor retention and generate leads.
3. Analyze the Breakdown of Keywords

With Google Analytics you can be able to determine what keywords you are being found under in search engines. You can know which keywords are performing well, allowing you to modify your site to help with search engine optimization and increase traffic generated from such keywords. Contact us at ShgSeo to learn more about our keyword research.

4. Monitor Sources of Traffic

Google Analytics enables you to know where users are driven to your website. For instance, it can show you how many people have found your site via a link on another website, from direct links, from search engines or through paid advertisements. This further allows you to know how successful different methods of traffic sources are, that is, if your ads are performing well by increasing traffic.
5. Review Historical Data

Google Analytics displays changes in traffic over an extended period. It is quite important to know if there are any trends across various time frames. For instance, which marketing campaigns have been the most successful in shaping your future advertising or if certain products, services or pages are gathering a larger amount of interest at specific points of the week, month or year.

6. Know Your Website Rates

Website bounce rates refer to the number of users who only view one page of your site before leaving. If your bounce rate is high, then it is likely that your website is not what the user was looking for or they landed on it by accident. Website bounce rate is closely associated with the quality and relevance of content on your website, showing satisfaction of your visitors. Google Analytics can help you determine your website bounce rates so that you can make the necessary improvements. More benefits about google analytics can be found here

Google Analytics is an important tool for measuring the effectiveness of your web marketing efforts. Here at ShgSEO we can help you get the most out of Google Analytics among other SEO tools. Contact us today or email us for a quick a response.