How Can I Increase Traffic To My Website For Free – 36 Techniques

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How Can I Increase Traffic To My Website For Free – 36 Techniques

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How can I increase traffic to my website for free? Here we have outlined 36 techniques to increase your website traffic and leads. Please read carefully and apply it to see the results.

Here at we understand what gets traffic and leads for our clients. The world of marketing can seem like an impenetrable maze at times especially when times and technologies change so rapidly. This is why we have compiled this zero to hero guide to generating more leads. After you read this guide you will be ready to implement these lessons and get those customers lining up for your products or services.

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1 – Regular website updates.

Regular updates to web content translates to more visitors and additionally more repeat visitors. Getting your company ingrained into someone’s web browsing is an extremely powerful lead generation tool. If you can’t put resources into regular content then just focus on a great blog with frequent updates.

2 – Maximize your blog.

While we’re on the subject of a blog make sure the sides of your page are bordered with adverts and links to your own products.

Balance this with making the blog highly useful to readers. Aim for the information to be industry leading if possible. Making a blog all about your company and products isn’t very interesting. The formula is; great content first and then your products in with that.

3 – The newsletter.

It’s amazing to us here at just how many people neglect this golden marketing tool. You should have links to your newsletter on your site, blog and social media. When people sign up for your newsletter you have a captive audience to regularly promote to. As with your blog just make sure you balance the promotion out with genuinely useful information, offers or entertainment.

4 – Promotional momentum.

Every time you do any kind of promotion you should involve newsletter sign ups. If you spend money and time on an advertising campaign it’s criminal to let all those leads filter away at the end of it. You can promote from your newsletter at any time so as long as you gather a few newsletter signups each time you advertise you are building a powerful promotional engine up all the time and that way you can learn how to increase traffic to my website for free.

5 – Reddit.

Reddit is a site where users share things that interest them. Flagrant promotion gets a bad response but genuinely interesting articles and discussions can generate a lot of interest. An interesting news story or controversy connected with your company could be the key to engaging with this large audience.

6 – Twitter.

The potential of Twitter to reach massive numbers of people is unprecedented. Use the hashtag feature to promote your business to already existing interest groups.

7 – High SNP.

SNP or social networking potential relates to the power an individual has to influence others. Relevant to marketing and digital marketing in particular this means that one person talking about your buinsess online can sometimes be more valuable than another person relaying the same information.

Social media, for example Twitter, allows you to have the chance of being discussed or recommended by someone who has a lot of followers relevant to your industry. If you sell games and a popular gaming guru retweets or blogs about you then this will do you a lot of good. A minor and unknown person mentioning you in a tweet is still good but the high social networking potential individuals or groups are what you need to target to unlock huge amounts of relevant traffic.

8 – YouTube.

You Tube has become television for millions of people. They watch it every day, sometimes all day and from a huge range of devices all of which they can make purchases from. If you’re not on all the sites where your customers are then you’re not going to get all the potential visitors that could be yours.

Having a You Tube presence is essential. As always you need to make fun and engaging content that will net views and discussion.

9 – Beware redundant content.

When you are building up presence on sites such as You Tube or Twitter or even your own blog you need to bear in mind that content for content’s sake is going to do more harm than good. always impress upon our clients the importance of giving your viewers or followers a reason to like, follow or share your content and so promote you. Churning out poor quality content can damage your brand over time. If you need to put out less content then this is far better than mass producing weak content.

10 – Networking.

Networking events are a great way to build you brand and your referrals at the same time. You may be able to form long lasting impactful relationships with leaders in your industry or just be exposed to new ideas relevant to your potential for success.

11 – Go beyond the business card.

When networking and introducing yourself it’s vital to have business cards. Try and seek out a range of options for different events. You want a twist that will appeal to the people you are likely to meet at the event.

Many business cards can run up a high cost ad go straight in the bin. Apply some thought and make yours count.

12 – Get your site sorted out.

The internet has suffered from years of “white hat” and “black hat” manipulations of Google. Generations of web designers thought they were gaming the system by using one technique or another. Since search engines, namely Google, want your site structure and design to adhere to the ethos of being useful to the visitor all these tricks will result in being penalized by Google sooner or later.

Get a clean up of your site done with the view of pleasing Google’s ethos and intent. Certainly there are a few hard and fast rules but overall you need to clear out anything that would cause Google to downgrade your ranking. Make sure your site developer understands Google and other search engines as companies, not just the latest hacks to get ranked today.

13 – SEO friendly content. understands the need for on point search engine optimized content on a website. Key word stuffing is a thing of the past. Previous structures for content have been replaced by overall usefulness of content. Get experts on hand to make sure your content is doing the job it is supposed to do.

14 – Usefulness.

We’ve said it before and we’re saying it again. Useful content equals happy readers and shared content. Stop thinking about your products and keywords and think about the person reading or viewing what you produce.

If you can you should aim to have industry leading content. Nail what your target audience is interested in and try to provide up to the minute information and links for them.

15 – Comedy.

Some of the most shared things online are comedic. This can be based on insight, video, graphics and comment threads rather than just a standard joke.

People love to laugh and they love to share laughs. If you can create genuinely funny content and direct it at your target audience in some way as well then you are well on the way to going viral and getting as many leads as you can handle.

16 – Spread a web.

Use all the sites you can find to link to your website or promotional content. Things like StumbleUpon, Instagram and Pinterest are a good place to start. Leave no stone upturned when trying to get as many people as possible to see or share something.

17 – Info graphics.

Postable, shareable info graphics have an enduring popularity. Even something as simple as an inspiring quote on a nice background with your company name or website somewhere on the graphic can be a great way to drum up viewers.

18 – Downloadable packs.

Give visitors to your website as much as you possibly can for free. Whether this is content, graphics, songs or access to certain coveted material it all counts. Don’t make this about what you can get away with calling a freebie. Use your imagination and if necessary some feedback to make sure you’re offering things that will make people keep visiting your website and more importantly, share the news about you and what you are offering.

19 – Webinars.

Webinars can be posted for free from a number of sites. Build a regular following and get even more visibility.

20 – Podcasts.

Podcasts have been increasing in popularity over the years. Develop a regular podcast full of information and entertainment for your followers. Make sure you link to the podcasts on your social media, website and newsletter.

Some other pod cast ideas include getting some relevant guests on your shows and using editing to make them flow better when broadcast.

21 – The eBook.

When it comes to eBooks it’s not just aspiring authors who can benefit from the format. Here at we encourage our clients to see eBooks as a source of promotion and gathering an audience online.

As you can tell there is a theme developing here; you must make your content useful and not just put out a promotional vehicle. Your eBook does not need to be long and you can even make it a free download on premium sites such as Amazon.

A quality short eBook that contains lots of useful information for the consumer and some relevant promotional material for you keeps everyone happy. Also as long as people keep downloading the eBook your promotional stream remains open.

There are many sites where people can discuss eBooks and essentially promote the ones they enjoyed. Create a quality product and you are bound to get attention on these sites and forums.

22 – Media coverage.

If you want media coverage you need to remember two things; be personal and have a story.

Everyone bombards the media with pitches every day, most of them completely devoid of any real specific interest. Mass e-mails waste everyone’s time. You are better off picking a few papers, magazines or sites each month and getting in contact with them in a very personal way.

In order to successfully promote yourself to the media there must be a story to what you are trying to say. Having a new product out is not a story. If a member of your team came up wit the idea on a four week hike through a rain forest raising money for good causes then you have a story.

Aiming to have story worthy news will also make your company more dynamic and interesting from the ground up. Endlessly releasing products isn’t going to keep people’s interest so allow yourself to become the kind of company people are interested in talking about.

23 – Branding.

People prefer strong brands. A brand is something for people to connect to in a world full of companies and swamped with advertising. Give thought to building a genuine brand. Don’t make the mistake of thinking generic is a safe bet that will still get attention, it will not. You need to stand out and be proud of what makes your company unique.

24 – Company blogs.

A part of standing out is to let your members or employees have a public face. Face book pages, blogs and updates from names and faces people come to recognize is a great way to make people feel close to your brand and excited about it.

People would rather their money goes to a company where they know the people involved and what these people are like.

Don’t feel the need to stick to one style. You can have a serious tone blog and something lighter, just assign the various outlets to different staff members.

25 – Get personal.

Allow your employees and contributors to add their own voice and flair to blogs and face book posts. Customers don’t want bland updates about how your company is doing. A personal story is much more appealing.

26 – Referrals.

Your customers should have incentives to refer other customers to you. The better these referral bonuses are the more people will promote, the more people will sign up and the more leads you generate.

27 – The elevator pitch.

The thirty second or elevator pitch is an essential business skill. Can you describe to someone who you are, what your business is and why it is special in thirty seconds or less? If not you are going to come across as awkward and put people off your business rather than encourage them to become customers.

28 – Trade shows.

If you are going to go to a trade show, and you should, make a good impression. Hire some local promotional models and promotional staff to help the event go well, improve brand image and generate as many leads and sales as possible.

29 – Be a speaker.

One step better than being at an event in a general promotional sense is to speak at one. Becoming a speaker gives you multiple chances to promote your company and brand at various events.

30 – The landing page.

Get your landing page optimized for the visitors you drive in from elsewhere. If you have an inefficient landing page you could direct millions of visitors to your website only to have them leave, not purchase or not sign up to anything.

Optimize the landing page to optimize your overall marketing campaign.

31 – E-mail signatures.

For both e-mails and forums the e-mail signature is the easy and effective way to get more leads.

32 – Pop ups.

Pop ups annoy a lot of people but their effectiveness is why they are still around. Have a simple pop up to encourage visitors to your site to sign up for the newsletter. Just don’t go too far and structure your site so the pop ups block people from being able to do what they want to do.

33 – Debates.

Encourage debate. People love controversy and if you feel like your brand is not ready for this you can provide space on social media or forums for people to debate issues. This creates a reason for people to come back and also refer others.

34 – AdWords.

Google AdWords is a great tool for marketing online. The downside is you really need to know what you’e doing with it. Don’t be afraid to start on a low budget and experiment or hire an expert marketer to help you.

35 – Warm not cold.

Cold calling has terrible percentage results. Put some effort into finding companies more likley to want your services before you call, overall you will save time, effort and make more money.

36 – Flexibility.

When you run a modern day business you need to adapt to the changes that occur day by day. This may mean changing how you thought you saw your lead generation campaign forming and functioning. Take advantage of todays advantages and don’t stick with outdated methods.