Keyword Research

4 Unknown Benefits of Hiring a Professional Keyword Research Service

Keyword research is the foundation of a successful online marketing strategy. By researching your market’s keywords, you will not only learn which phrases and terms to target with SEO but also know about your customers as a whole. Researching your keywords properly helps you predict shifts in demand, respond to market changes and produce content, goods, and services that web searchers are seeking. For a quality keyword research, it is advisable to hire a professional. With a professional keyword research service, you will accelerate your search marketing success, while you build out your link portfolio. Here are four unknown benefits of keyword research.

High Conversion Rate

Relevant keywords will attract not only visitors but also qualified traffic. If you use the right keywords, it will result in a higher conversion rate. A recent study on the ROI of Email Relevance indicated that engaging your audience with right communications can help increase net profits 18 times more than broadcasting mailings.

Predict Marketing Trends and Consumer Behavior

Analyzing keywords will help you understand current marketing trends and consumer behavior. Know what is popular and vital for your web searches and use this information to offer the right content, goods, and services. Marketing trends are always changing, and can be an excellent opportunity for your business if you are an early adaptor.

Improve Your Organic Search Ranking

Once you have identified your optimal keywords, placing them in the correct locations, can help you improve your organic search ranking dramatically. Placing your primary keywords in the page title, URL, alt text, anchor text, and name of root domain can improve the crawlability of your site in search engines. Studies show that nearly 77 percent of web searchers click on organic links over paid ads. That means your organic search rank is vital for your long-term online success.

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Engage Your Audience

The starting point of producing high-quality relevant content is keyword research. Understanding keywords that are driving traffic to your site will help you know what kind of content to create. A HubSpot study showed that websites with blogs have 55 percent more visitors and 97 percent more inbound links. The two things to keep in mind while creating content for your audience is the content and does it add value. Relevant and fascinating content will engage your target audience and keep them coming back.

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