Seo Agency Brisbane – Be Wary of these SEO Lies…

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Seo Agency Brisbane – Be Wary of these SEO Lies…

Don’t Let SEO Lies Fool You by Seo Agency Brisbane!

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Have you ever been a victim of SEO lies?

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SEO is extremely important for modern businesses in the digital word, but there is a lot of misleading information about SEO out there. Sometimes people are misled by the information about SEO because search engines today have altered their algorithms and SEO practices.  And sometimes SEO experts tell lies to their clients to mislead them.

We have compiled a list of the most common SEO lies to help you stay safe from so called SEO experts who wish to rip you off.

Lie #1: If you have a Lot of Links, Your Ranking Will Improve

Whether someone is referring to internal or external links or inbound or outbound links, this statement is misleading. The importance of having links to your webpage is undeniable, but what’s more important is where the links to your webpage come from.

If a link to your webpage comes from a high-authority website like Hubspot or Moz, it’s going to be extremely valuable for that webpage. Similarly, if you link high-quality sites from your webpage, search engines will see that your webpage contains quality information.

Even a single link that comes from a high-authority website can give a huge boost to your webpage whereas tons of links from a low-quality domain might not help improve your ranking. So, having a lot of links won’t improve your ranking, but having quality links will definitely help you get ranked better.

Lie #2: SEO is All About Keywords for Seo Agency Brisbane

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Some ten to twelve years ago, SEO’s main focus was on keywords. Place relevant keywords in the content and you are done. However, over the last decade, the algorithms of search engines have significantly changed and have become much more complex.

Many factors are taken into account by the search engine giant Google for determining the rankings of websites. It is true that keywords are still vital, but there are several other things that are important for SEO.

Webpage loading speed, frequency of updates, domain age, titles, reading level and outbound links can affect the ranking of your Brisbane business website. So, while relevant keywords are still an integral part of any SEO strategy, there are several other factors that must be taken into account. An SEO expert or firm that knows how search engine optimization works in 2018 will be aware of it.

If you ask an SEO expert or SEO firm in Brisbane about how they will improve your website ranking and they answer, “By optimizing your website with relevant keywords”, don’t trust them!

Lie #3: All You Need is Content When Talking About Seo Marketing Brisbane

You must have heard the statement, “Content is King”. While this statement isn’t completely true, content is more like an important partner to design, usability and links.

Links and content are both essential for SEO marketing Brisbane. If you have content without links or vice versa, your SEO strategy won’t provide significant results.

Now, you must be thinking about long-tail keywords that rank without links. The reason long-tail keywords can help improve your ranking without links is because they are unique and there isn’t tough competition for them. However, if you want to get ranked for a competitive keyword like ‘AC contractors’, you must have strong links; otherwise, no one would be able to find your website.

Lie #4: It Works for Big Brands, It Will Work For You Too

“If everyone else jumped off a bridge then would you too?” Obviously not! The same thing applies to SEO.

Many people copy websites of big brands because they think that since it is working for those companies, it will work for them too. What one site is doing may work for them, but it may not work for you in the similar way. The reason is that you are different company. Your users are different and they are approaching you with a different intent.

Big brands have already established their business and they have build strong brand awareness, therefore more users visit their website. On the other hand, your Brisbane business may not yet be popular. To attract more visitors to your website, your approach should be completely different from that of the bigger brands.

Lie #5: We Guarantee You the No #1 Spot

This lie almost makes us laugh. There is no one SEO agency Brisbane that can take your website to the No #1 spot, yet many SEO experts or firms make this false claim.

Every business wants to get to the No #1 spot because it can greatly increase their website traffic. Similarly, getting to Google results’ first page can also significantly increase the number of visitors coming to a website. Research shows that websites that appear on the first page of the search engine results receive 95 percent of web traffic.

However, many people become victims to this lie because they get excited about getting to the No #1 spot without realizing that it is impossible to get to the top spot. Why?

The reason is that the internet is crowded with millions of websites that are competing for hundreds of billions of keywords. New websites are being developed every day. Firms alter their SEO strategy. Algorithms of search engines change. There are so many factors that must be considered to improve a website’s ranking and it is hard to focus on all these factors to get to even the first page of Google.

Sure, a firm or an SEO expert can guarantee an improvement in the ranking of your Brisbane business website, but if someone promises you the No #1 spot, you shouldn’t trust them.

Lie #6: Social Media Is Not Important for SEO

There is an ongoing debate about social media’s effectiveness for SEO marketing Brisbane. Some say that social signals do not factor into the rankings of Google while many SEO professionals are of the view that social signals do affect rankings.

Let us consider that social signals such as your social authority don’t affect search engine optimization. In that case, should you invest time in marketing your Brisbane business through social media? Absolutely yes!

The reason is that you are not only after the effect of shares and links. It’s about sharing your valuable content with social media audience that need it. If you help out people by providing valuable information, your Brisbane website will perform better. People who like your content will share it and revisit your website. They may turn into your customers.

Now, let us look at this from another angle. Let’s consider that social signals do affect the ranking of your webpage. If that is the case, then you should obviously market your business through social media. Comments, shares, followers and several other metrics will then be directly related to search engine optimization.

Lie #7: Organic Ranking will Improve From Buying Google Ads

This is one of the biggest lies told by SEO agency Brisbane that provide both pay-per-click (PPC) and SEO service . PPC has nothing to do with organic search ranking; therefore, investing in PPC won’t improve your organic ranking in any way. PPC and SEO are two completely different things.

Businesses with massive budgets often use both SEO and PPC strategies to improve their visibility on the search engine and gain a large number of visitors. Their organic ranking improves only because of SEO, and PPC plays no part in this.

Lie #8: Google Updates Should be Your Primary Concern

All major search engines frequently change their algorithms and this can affect your ranking. Most updates made by search engines are small. However, sometimes significant updates are made and they can have a major impact on your ranking. If you notice that your website traffic has significantly dropped, you should take steps to determine what you are being penalized for and rectify that.

Usually, search engines will penalize you for low quality content, suspicious links, unhelpful information, too may ads and a few other things. If you understand SEO marketing Brisbane, you must know that these are the things that should never do if you want to get ranked better. So, Google updates should not be your primary concern. Your main concern should be to avoid practices that can get you penalized. You should focus on providing value to your audience. This will help you avoid penalties even if search engines change their algorithm. That’s because basic rules stay the same! Google values informative and authoritative content that is helpful for readers.

Lie #9: Freshness Is Necessary for Query

Some queries need fresh results. A news site, for instance, must keep their queries fresh. However, this doesn’t mean that you must change the elements of your Brisbane business website every day. Most sites don’t need to update the content on their web pages.

For example, if you wrote an article on “The best mobile games of 2017” at the beginning of 2018, you won’t have to change the information in the article to give it ‘freshness’.

However, you do need to regularly add fresh content on your website to get better rankings.

Lie #10: SEO Can Only be Done after Your Website Becomes Live

You wouldn’t construct a building and then add in pillars to ensure that it does not fall down — you would obviously start with a solid foundation. The same rule applies to SEO. You must think about optimizing your website from the first stage. Conducting competitor analysis and keyword research and then crafting content for your website will help you optimize your site for better rankings.

Lie #11: SEO is Extremely Complicated

SEO marketing Brisbane is hard and takes years of practice to perfect, but it isn’t extremely complicated. We say this because of two reasons.

First, improving the search engine ranking of your webpage isn’t a complicated process. That’s because there are a few things that Google pays special attention to when determining rankings. Things like authority, usefulness of content, backlinks, etc. Figuring out these things and prioritizing them isn’t easy. However, if you work to make your Brisbane website useful, authoritative and easy-to-use, you have already done majority of the hard work.

Secondly, a lot of hard work and time is required for effective SEO. You must work on SEO over the website’s lifetime. Constant updates, content, backlink outreach, technical improvement and several others things must be tracked. So, yes, SEO is hard. But it isn’t extremely complicated as many SEO experts and firms claim.

Lie #12: All You Need is SEO

seo services in brisbane

No business in Brisbane can succeed by only focusing on a single principle. SEO alone isn’t enough to guarantee you success in the online realm. Offline marketing efforts are also important to improve your online presence. Never fall for this lie and make sure to use other marketing strategies to maximize the benefits of your SEO strategy.

Lie #13: There is Only One Route to Success

Some SEO firms or experts focus on only one SEO strategy to help you. For example, an SEO firm may only write blog posts for you or an SEO expert may say that they will improve your website’s ranking through off-site links. SEO cannot be reduced to these individual functions. In order to optimize a website through SEO to increase the website’s ranking, an SEO expert must work on-site content, on-site optimization, link building and off-site content. One strategy alone isn’t enough for effective SEO.

The Bottom Line

The SEO lies we have highlighted above should be enough to help you understand what is important for SEO and what you need to look for when searching for an SEO expert and SEO agency in Brisbane. If you wish to work with a firm that is completely honest with its customers and doesn’t tell lies to sell its services, ShgSeo is your best bet. At ShgSeo, we don’t make false claims; we only promise what we can deliver!

If you wish to optimize your website through SEO, contact us for our affordable SEO Brisbane packages.

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