Video Creation

5 Reasons Why Our Video Creation Service are Just Perfect for your Business

Videos are probably the best marketing tool you have in your arsenal to bring more customers to your company, expand your reach and grow your business. Videos capture online visitors and make them interested in what you have to offer. You have to leverage the power of video creation services and take your company to the next level.

Because not many of your competitors are using video marketing, you can now outsmart them using our personalized video creation services. Our videos are made by top-tier professionals who use the most advanced animation techniques in order to create astounding inspirational video content.
Our videos are perfect for your company if you want to:

1. Stay in control of your marketing objectives: if you use video marketing strategically and you leverage the power of this tool, you can accomplish serious marketing objectives, and you will definitely see some serious returns.

2. Improve your SEO rankings: according to Google’s stats for 2016, adding a video on your site can increase your website’s changes of showing on the first few pages of Google by up to 50x.

3. Perfect for e-mail marketing: if you already have an email marketing campaign in place, know that using videos in your newsletters can double your click through rate.

4. People are more engaged: again, stats show that your prospects are 10x more likely to engage with your video content, which includes sharing, embedding and liking.

5. Reach them personally: explainer videos enable you to send a clear message to each one of your prospects. You can engage with them on a more personal basis and answer all of their questions by creating a FAQ video or present your company by designing a presentation video.

We from SGH SEO can do all that for you, and much more. Take advantage of our video creation services and skyrocket your online company’s presence.