Content Marketing Services and Tools That Can Make Your Life Easier

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September 27, 2017
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December 11, 2017
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Content Marketing Services and Tools That Can Make Your Life Easier

content marketing

Content marketing services by an expert can make your life much easier then you have expected.

If you are a content manager or a content marketer then your life can be a bit too hectic.

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As you will find yourself spending a great deal of time on identifying the important elements.

For instance, what is relevant, to what is valuable keeping in mind their respective niches. As these can help change the consumer’s behavior, and set a new path.

Today, the most common belief in the content marketing industry is that if you can offer your clients knowledge which allows them to make a well-informed decision, then they will reward your effort.

As individuals are more likely to trust corporations, that are able to explain the process, and convince the reader that they are the best possible solution.

Explaining the matter in detail allows you to show, that you understand the process completely.

Acquiring this data is not easy, and it might require a few long hours of research, in hope of finding relevant data that your audience might appreciate. Or putting together a post that offers great content and visuals.

To help you out we have listed down the top content marketing services tools according to the category, so you can pick the ones you feel can benefit you more.

As these tools are known to offer you effective and efficient solutions.


Pocket: Now, you are able to take anything from articles to videos, and place them in your pocket.

In addition, you will be able to save from your browser, or any leading platforms or apps.

Portent Ideal Generator – If you are unable to come up with new titles for your content, then portent ideal generator can help you set the right path.

So you can focus on the title, and do research based on the title suggestion.

Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing Services

Google Trends – Allows you to view what is hot in Google Searches right now, and what was hot five minutes ago.

If you are looking for a smart way to market content, then you should try Google Trends, as it will allow you to view what is hot, and what will work.

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Feedly – A free and easy way to read content from various sources.

So you do not have to keep jumping from one application to another.

Feedly Help guide

Feedly Guide

Reddit – If you are unable to find content on various websites, then try Reddit.

As there is tons of information that you can take inspiration from.

reddit help how to use it

Reddit Help

Keyword Ideal Tool – Will help you find related keywords for your content, it will not only help inspire ideas.

In addition, it will help you optimize your piece.

If you need professional keyword research then check out our keyword research services.

Answer the Public – A simple way to enter a keyword, and get a range of ideas.

So then you can develop more ideas, and get started in the right direction. – Here you can view infographics by topic so not only will you be able to get topic ideas, but you get the complete package. help guide how to use it Best Use

Editorial Management

Trello – Allows you to create boards that act as your personal to-do list.

Offering you an easy way to keep your work on the track.

Trello help guide how to use it

Trello Content Marketing Services

Google Drive – Here you can save anything from a document to an excel sheet online, that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

Google drive guide help how to use it

Google Drive Content Management

Kapost – If you are looking for a way to stay organized, then Kapost can help you strategize, manage, create a calendar, and even view your analytics.

Kapost help guide how to use it

Kapost Help

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Creation of Content

WeVideo – If you are looking to get an impactful video created then WeVideo is the place to be.

Scripted, Textbroker, and Contently – They offer content writers for any format, so you can easily find the perfect fit.

Pixlr – Is an online photo editor that offers simple use, and is completely free.

Pixlr how to use it

Pixlr Guide

Qzzr – Here you are able to build free and paid quizzes.

Wideo and PowToon – A free and paid platform that allows you to create motion graphic videos, along with animations.

You do not require any technical knowledge, and can easily export, edit, and share a file.

SlideShare – Is the leading platform that allows you to share and store slides, where you can easily create endless presentations.

SlideShare how to use it

SlideShare Maximum Help and Benefits

TwistedWave – A web browser audio editor, that is perfect for podcasts.

TwistedWave help how to use it

TwistedWave Help Guide

GoToWebinar – Here you can create sessions, promote them, and keep a track of them from the same platform.

gotowebinar help how to use it

GoToWebinar Content Marketing

Awesome Screenshot – Allows you to capture the entire page or a small portion.

You can even cut out shapes, and draw lines and add text on it. In addition, you can easily upload it.

Awsome Screenshot help how to use it

Awsome Screenshot Guide and Help

Imgflip – Allows you to create endless GIF’s in seconds. So you can add your personal feelings to the mix.

imgflip how to use it

ImgFlip Guide

Wordy – Offers human copy-editing and proofreading services in real time.

wordy how to use it

Wordy Copy Editing Services

Grammarly – A web browser and application that offers to check your grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

A great tool for content creators.

grammarly guide how to use it

Grammarly Help


Curata – Is a well-known platform for content that allows you to search, find, store, and repurpose then share third-party content. This is good tool to use for your social media marketing and followers.

curata how to use it

Curata Content Marketing

Listly – An easy tool that allows you to create, embed, share, and crowd source lists.

Listly how to use it

Listly Social Media Help

Buzzsumo – Here you can search keywords that will help you curate content based on what is hot on social media in your niche.

Buzzsumo how to use it

Buzzsumo Content Analyze

Waywire – Allows you to manage and package your videos in a personalized way.

So you can play targeted videos, and embed them in any website.

WayWire how to use it

WayWire Guide


Tweriod – Analyzes your tweet and contact list, so it can offer you the best time to tweet on twitter. Again this is really handy tool to use for your twitter marketing.

Tweriod how to use it

Tweriod Tweeting Tool

Buffer – Uses a custom schedule to post on social media, so you post content at the best time and day.

buffer how to use it

Buffer Social Media Management

HootSuite – One of the most elaborated tools that allows you to organize, read, schedule, and post content from social media.

Hootsuit how to use it

Hootsuit Help

ClickToTweet – An easy to use tool that makes it easy to post excerpts from your content.

ClickToTweet how to use it

ClickToTweet Easiest Twitter Promotion

Outbrain – Offers recommendations based on related posts, interests, or sponsors.

Outbrain how to use it

Outbrain Content Promotion Tool

Content BLVD – A chance to get your production featured on YouTube. This is one of the best tool to use for youtube video seo marketing.

Reporting And Analytics

Simply Measure – Offer you complete analytics from social media, and websites.

Google Analytics – Offers complete insight about website traffic, a customized dashboard, and export data.

Social Bakers – The best place to get insight on your competitors, and other media properties.

Mixpanel – An advanced analytic platform that focuses on event tracking.

Kissmetrics – Offers an individual based analytics, and offers to track, present states from various websites.

Chartio – Allows you to explore, show, and manage any business data in an easy manner.

ChartBeat – Give you a complete in-depth track of your visitors. So you can check where they lost interest.

Mouseflow – Keeps track of the traffic, and creates heat maps.

Track Maven – Allows you to optimize content, and run it on 15 different digital platforms.

Which of These Tools are Useful?

These content marketing services tools are designed to offer you the best services online.

With the help of these free and paid tools, you can make content marketing, managing, and writing much easier than before.

As these tools will not only help you create content, they will help you manage them, share them, optimize them, and view the results of your progress.

It is not necessary that you use all the tools that are mentioned above, but you will be required to try a few that fit your industry.

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Allowing you to find the ones that work best for you, will help you get more done in less time.

In addition, you will be able to keep a healthy workflow without falling behind.

The best way to go about the process is to list the one that interests you and offer services you require.

It does not matter if they are paid or free. Simply, focus on tools you feel you need.

Once you have created the list start trying out the tools, even the paid tools offer some sort of a trial or a limited free use that allows you to see what the tool has to offer.

This way you will not have to rely on anyone else and get accurate results based on your personal experience.

This will allows to gradually cut down on the tools that are not required or do not offer the services you are interested in.

Leaving you with tools that can help you now, and in years to come.

Allowing you to have access to the best tools, so you can move forward with a strong setting.

Best Wishes

ShgSeo Team