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10 Mistakes Every E-commerce Should Avoid

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10 Mistakes Every E-commerce Should Avoid

With the changing frontier in marketing, more and more small businesses are opening online fronts since that’s where the customers are. This presents a huge advantage compared to traditional marketing techniques. The barriers to entry are also very small, yet it provides access to a wide audience very cost effectively.

With the continued development of technology, so much has changed including how we do business and live our lives in general. Everything we need to find is now just at the fingertip. This convenience has made it necessary for businesses to have a strong online presence. However, with the daily increasing number of online businesses, just being present online is not enough; you have to make enhancements to it to stand out.

Internet marketing is constantly evolving so creating an e-commerce website and relaxing will get you no customers, creativity is a must and search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be ignored anymore. If you want to be found online and make more money, then you have no other way but to use SEO correctly and tweak the website to draw in more visitors. These are some 10 common mistakes harming online businesses. Some of these mistakes may appear obvious but are commonly made all the same.
John Tucker from Nova published article on Innovative Marketing Mediums for Small Business has mentioned couple of points to follow for promoting your business. You can read more at www.nav.com/blog/marketing-mediums-for-small-business-14890/
1: No Proper About or Contact Page

Many online shop owners tend to underestimate the importance of the about page. In all websites, according to analytics, this is the second or third most visited page on all sites. Visitors want to know about your business so tell them in the simplest and shortest way possible. Many new online businesses ignore this page or provide very inadequate information. Give them a story about you and your products in a few paragraphs.

It is very important to provide contact information and your location on the contact page. Tell them where you ship your products from to give them an assurance and to help them know if they should consider customs and duties in case you are not in their country. Do not make the mistake of using a generic email address, set up your email with your domain name to present a professional front.
2: Not strategizing your Overall SEO

Many new businesses either do not consider SEO or they do it poorly. Even though it is not rocket science, SEO is not easy. It also takes long to reap the fruits and many of us are not that patient. SEO is very necessary and can be one of your powerful assets when planning to carry out an online business.

Instead of doing it as an afterthought, SEO should be a front running marketing strategy that is well thought out in advance. Unlike pay per click marketing like Google Adwords or Facebook marketing, SEO doesn’t stop the moment you stop paying; instead, it keeps growing your website each day.

Most new merchants do not even understand what SEO is in the first place. To solve this challenge, it is advisable to consult a professional SEO expert like us to make your work easy and to deliver measurable benefits to your growing online business. Our experts have all the experience needed to make it rain on your business no matter how early it is in inception. Investing in a SEO expert is one mistake the online business cannot afford to make.
3: Not blogging about your business

Continually blogging about your business can bring you lots of organic visits. On a regular interval, write something beneficial to the target customer and how you can help solve whatever problems they may have. Incorporate SEO into the blog to drive more traffic to your site. Do not make the mistake of hosting the blog on a different domain from your e-commerce domain. Get your voice heard the right and most cost-effective way. Take your time to interact with your bloggers, always respond to their comments even if they are negative ones.

4: Not being social enough

Among the 10 common mistakes harming online businesses is not engaging adequately on social media platforms. Get onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google + to connect with potential customers and increase your online presence through posts, shared links to your products and blog. Tap into this and spread rapidly without spending lots of money, always be up to date. You should invest in good social media marketing and if you have no experience in effective marketing online then get an expert to help you out.
5: Not cross promoting with other sites

Avoid the mistake of not building your site’s reputation through cross-promoting. Get a blog with a similar interest and be a guest author to build your reputation. Grow your network to get more customers. Think about another person’s blog sometimes, be known there so as to drive more traffic to your site. Backlinking your site and allowing other reputable sites to link to your site is an excellent way to grow and gain competitive advantage.

6: Not creating 'raving fans.’

Many online businesses make the mistake of being boring even when they already have fans ready to be entertained and informed. Find a way to make the customers happy with you and your business and the benefits will amaze you. Create a testimonials page so as to harvest the goodwill of clients. Sign up for ratings so that customers can leave star ratings for your products and services. Create more advocates among your clients, this is free and help convince others to buy.
7: Not creating an affiliate network and referral program

Consider the establishment of a system where affiliates can market for you and earn a commission. Using affiliates is a quick method to get customers cheaply. The advantage with this is that you only pay for the visit that converts to a sale. Affiliate marketing broadens your market enormously. Similarly, a referral program helps drive traffic to your site from sources that will amaze you. A happy customer is the best advocate for your business and can easily convince another person to buy from your shop. With a referral program, the customer can get some discount or a gift for every referral, therefore, growing your customer base effortlessly.

James Parsons brought 5 successful affiliate stories are inspiring for anyone to read and start...I recommend you to read here at http://growtraffic.com/blog/2016/01/affiliate-marketing-success-stories
8: No Social Proof and Forcing Social Proof

This is the most rampant among the 10 common mistakes harming online businesses. Even though social proof can greatly help with conversions, a website without it has a lower chance of enough sales. This can be a Facebook like, a Google Plus, share or reviews. The worst is forcing the social proof where there is none. Customers will buy a product that has more reviews. Avoid placing products with no like, share or review on the front feature page of your site as it may do more harm.
9: Having bad customer service

Even with the best product and the most wonderfully designed e-commerce website, if you have bad customer service you will perform poorly in sales. Great customer service has the magic to cover up for the other 10 common mistakes harming online businesses. The way a company serves the clients and handles inquiries and complaints tell a lot about who they are.

10: Not Giving Each Marketing Channel a Fair Shot

Online marketing channels have various response times to deliver conversions. However, impatience usually leads business owners to abandon a channel if it takes long to bring in paying customers. Give every channel a fair chance to prove to you they can deliver. Some require a lot of investment of time while others require a financial investment. Tackle one channel at a time.

Building a business is not an easy work so don’t make it worse by making these 10 common mistakes harming online businesses. Spend some time objectively looking at your marketing channels to check if you are still on the right path. Investing in SEO is no longer just another irrelevant budget item like before; it is your way out of the organic keyword traffic. Contact us today and let us create a SEO strategy that works and see it through to your satisfaction. Remember SEO is your most important component in branding efforts and a chance to expand your online presence.

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