8 Benefits of Guest Blog Posting Services

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September 11, 2017
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8 Benefits of Guest Blog Posting Services

Guest Posting Service

If you haven’t already noticed, pretty much everyone has a blog

Even big name companies have added a blog section to their corporate websites. In many cases it is the online equivalent of the customer service department – just a tad more personable.

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With the influx of blog activity eating up space in the internet, so has the number of guest blog posting opportunities.

But is it worth it to use a guest blog service? When you are too busy running your business to blog, you bet.

Here are a few of the benefits of using guest blog posting services.

1 – Hit The Target!

Looking for quality traffic to your website?

Random people will still find you but the ones you really want to snag are the ones that are already interested in whatever it is you are selling on your website.

Guest blogging gives you access to traffic that isn’t already heading your direction. The ones that are into your product or service will start to come to you as a result.

Think of a guest blog post as your introduction to a group of people you don’t already know. Some will want to get to know you better.

That’s target marketing.

2 – Expose Yourself

With a guest blogging service you get exposure but exposure to the kinds of people you want to connect with.

Essentially, choosing the right places to guest blog will increase your circle of friends. These are the kinds of friends you want because what you blog about will be something they already have an interest in.

Consider this form of exposure as increasing your network of potential customers.

3 – Embrace Feedback

The personable part of guest blogging, and blogging in general, is that you get to mingle with everyone.

You are not restricted to just the gang at the top end of the company food chain.

In fact, blogging puts you in direct contact with the people who will either support your business or not. They will tell you what they like or dislike about your business.

In a way, blogging gives you a way to tap into what people are thinking and bypass the Complaints Box.

4 – The Credibility Factor

When using a cheap guest blog posting service you will increase the distance in which you can deliver your message.

Along with that is the positives of being watched carefully when you respond to an issue or negative feedback. Some corporate types like to sweep that stuff under the carpet and call it damage control.

If you truly embrace the contact, you can increase the credibility of your business – and yourself – simply by how you react to something in a public forum. You could score big points just by being yourself or reaching out to fix a customer’s problem.

5 – Linkage

Guest blog posting services will bring you special SEO gifts.

The places your blog post will appear with include a backlink to your website or blog. The more credible backlinks you can earn through guest blogging, the better your website will rank with search engines.

If the search engines like your website because it has a lot of really special links going back to it, your website will rank higher in online searches. The more your website is seen in online searches, the more traffic it will receive.

The more traffic it receives the more potential new customers you have visiting your website and learning about your business. It’s the circle of (online) life.

6 – Networking Opportunities

Remember the good old days when you would attend a business after hours event hosted by the local Chamber of Commerce with a mitt full of business cards to hand out? That was old school networking.

With this newfangled gizmo called the internet you can network without having to wear your fancy duds and fill your pocket with business cards.

Guest blog posting lets you network from the comfort of your home. Mix and mingle like never before!

7 – Social Media Exposure

Your guest blog posting activity will most certainly trickle down to your online profiles in any and all social media networks you are listed on.

This is why you need to have at least a profile on the most common social media platforms. It adds to your credibility, making you come across as a real person as opposed to some wacky friend request spam robot.

With the extra social media exposure you will be able to reach new audiences and direct them to your blog to learn more about that awesome product you sell.

8 – Build Connections

The most interesting thing about guest blogging is that you can be yourself.

You spend enough time in a stiff-necked shirt and suit to please the top end of the corporate ladder.

Guest blogging lets you be yourself.

Believe it or not,

your followers will notice that. In fact, it will be the things about your personality that surface from your guest posts that will attract people to you.

You will be able to show your feelings and be honest, truthful, raw. The connections that will come from you being you will far outnumber the ones you’ve made wearing your suit and tie.

Plus, the online connections will be real people being as honest, truthful and raw as you and not someone reacting to Suit You.

Not Convinced Yet?

Guest posting beats some forms of advertising and is an important part of any digital marketing program. Guest blog posting services can get you the access you need to quality, niche-target traffic saving you the time and effort required in trying to figure it out yourself.

Besides, you should be concentrating on the actual operation of your business and letting an online expert worry about your guest blog posting opportunities.

It works, there’s no doubt about it.

This is why you need to take a hard look at what guest blogging can do for your product or service.

Don’t delay because if you do, your competitor may just beat you to that awesome guest post site.

Get in touch with us now to get started!