101 Effective Ways of Driving Insane Traffic To Your Website Using Social Media

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101 Effective Ways of Driving Insane Traffic To Your Website Using Social Media

101 ways to drive insane traffic from social media
Social media is a thing today. It is not just about connecting with your network and acquaintances. You can actually use it for profit and traffic generation. If you are a webmaster and your site does not receive the attention it deserves, then it is the time that you should utilize the power of social media. Once you can execute this properly, you can guarantee that generate leads and make sales in no time!

Since its existence, we have seen the evolution of social media. From just a mere connective platform, it became a vast playground for marketing and SEO. With this, you can actually take advantage of social media in a hundred and one ways possible! Yes, that's right! This is the actual number of strategies that you can use to drive traffic to your website! Employing one or two of them can already benefit you. If you can harness them all, who knows what you can get?

Therefore, let's get started! Here are 101 ways to drive traffic to your site through social media.

Listening On Social Media

1. Monitor your account. Trace the buying pattern and indicators. If someone asks you a question, reply a detailed answer coming from your site! This is a form of social media listening.

2. Start paying attention the requests and recommendations of your audience in the social media. From this, you can start making contents on your site and share it with them. It is a guarantee that they will go to that link.

3. Listen to several discussions and forums regarding your product or service. Of course, you can storm to some related pages and provide useful links there.

4. If you got a set of prospective buyers or audience, always share your valuable contents to them regularly.

5. There are some related blogs that you need to connect. Feature them on your social media accounts. In exchange, ask them for a backlink. This will increase the authority of your site!

Essentials for Contents

6. In your content, you should include a compelling call to action. By doing this, you can manipulate or attract the attention of your audience. As a result, there is a high chance that they will visit your site.

Some examples of Best Call To Action

Evernote right on to the point. Center big font two words and sent the message. Little more about what user can get and do with Evernote. Very good call to action.

Airbnb's simple and best call to action. Best thing about this call to action is on top left. We normally tend to start reading from left...

They have once again top left call to action with link "Learn More" normally this helps to drive traffic to laser targeted specific page. Also you have sent your traffic from home page to inside page and you got more page views.

ekklesia360, they have perfect call to actions. Top left call to action where if users have question about the product such as how it works? then they will follow link or else if they have thought to try the service then they have call to action on right and they will retain or convert much much higher.

Two slides to follow or target their visitors. They have ideas for gift or try something free to experience the products. These are few call to action i have collected. I will write dedicated article for call to action. I will include as many as i can so you will have idea how to set your own call to action. Subscribe Now to receive email notification.

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7. Use the power or eBooks. These informative materials are a good combo to your content. As long as they are related, you can put harmony in them. Of course, this will increase the authority of your contents. If you have a webinar on social media, tie it with a related eBook to make sure that people will crave for your contents!

8. Your contents should be converted to several Slideshare presentations as well. In each of the presentations, make sure that the link to your site is present. Aside from being a good backlink, this is also a bait for people to visit your website.

9. Always incorporate your contents to your site. Make sure that what appears on your social pages is also the same on your site! It is a form of coherence that people love!

10. Make sure that you can establish a good RSS feed. Of course, include a call to action to compel your audience to sign up for the feed!

Rules of Engagement

11. Each of your contents in your social media accounts must have a link back to a specific landing page to your site. If you are looking for successful conversions, this strategy should be done.

12. To ensure that you have an active social media presence, always be engaging. Answer all of the questions of the people. Be consistent about this and make sure that your replies will have a link to your site!

13. People will always scrutinize the integrity of your products and services. Therefore, there is a need for you to give a definite proof that you deserve to be trusted. In these occasions, sharing referrals or reviews can make the cut! In this way, people will be able to gauge the authenticity of your site!

14. You can improve the "friendliness" of your social media account by optimizing it. Put a lot of relevant graphics and information that can allure readers. Also, try to optimize your site in a way that will suit your mobile users. You can expect that by doing this, people will regularly visit your site always!

15. To further cement your credibility, make a LinkedIn group. It can establish your network and connect with them always.

Social Media Advertisements

16. Learn how to take advantage the Facebook ads or promoted Tweets. Invest a little on this because they are actually good for lead generation and traffic boosting.

17. Your social media ads should have a link back to any landing pages that you want. If you are selling a product, doing this can ensure a 100 percent conversion!

18. Also, you will need to start an advertising campaign in LinkedIn. The same as the previous process, it should have a link back to a lead generation page from your website!

19. Consistently create web offers and promotions in your social media account. This effectively draws the attention of your audience. If the offer is very appealing, you can guarantee that people will avail your services.

20. Aside from your main social media account, you should also market on related forums and pages. The best way to do this is to talk to the proprietors of these sites and make arrangements to them. In this way, your campaign would be thoroughly accepted!
Tracking and Measurement

21. You need to gauge or measure which social media platforms you are getting most of your traffic. Identify one or two and invest on there. For the rest, you can take time working on them!

22. On your website, make sure that you have social share buttons. It is a two-way process. First, it lets readers on your site to engage on your social media accounts. Second, it tells people from your social media pages that your site is worth visiting.

23. Always assess the success rate of your social media campaigns. Sites like Facebook have parameters (analytics) so that you can see the actual reach of your ads. This information will let you adjust for the next campaign.

24. If your primary product is an eBook, gauge its number of downloads. If it is not doing too well, then it is time you advertise it to your social media page and accounts!

25. You should measure the effectiveness of each call to action you are using. In this aspect, you should realize that a single call to action is not enough. Do not be monotonous or people will find you annoying! Always be adaptive to the type of contents you publish!

Social Media SEO

26. Use your main keywords (e.g. long tail keywords) in your social media accounts. Always give highlight to them so that people can easily find you!

27. These keywords should always be present in your contents. In this way, people will have a clear grasp of what you are trying to sell or offer!

28. The keywords you used in your social media should also appear on your website. This is where the RSS feed will come to your rescue. This component will publish social media updates to your site!

29. The contents you post on your social media accounts should have your keywords. If you don't want to be specific, just use the general niche keywords. This strategy can attract the specific audiences that you want!

30. Both of the contents of your website and social media accounts should be interlinked with one another. By this, you are promoting two platforms at the same time!

Going To Online Communities

31. You should manage the community of each of your social media accounts. Keep your contents relevant to them. Moreover, you should give updates to them from time to time.

32. Introduce the same type of community to your website. In this way, you can actually import your social media audience to your site!

33. To make it more exciting, you should also highlight a community member to your social media page. People love attention. Tell them the reason why that certain individual was featured. You can actually dictate the pace here. Let them do something for you in exchange for that exposure. After all, people love attention!

34. Of course, you need to make your social media account emphatic and personal to your users. You can do this by sharing customer stories and reviews. It is not as much. However, if you put a punchy headline, you can ensure that people will be curious about your site. As a return, a massive traffic will be flowing in!

35. Referral programs are a thing today. Give people some bonuses once they invite people to visit your page. A simple token or giveaway can draw a lot of attention to your site!

Tag an Influencer

36. Monitor every social influencer you know. You need to get in touch with them. Ask them to feature your website in their social media accounts. Of course, this time, you need to enter in a compromise!

37. You can also interview a social media influencer about your niche. Let that person analyze your topic and share his/ her insights about it. However, at the end of the day, let him subtly promote your site!

38. The best way an influencer can make an impact on your social media account is for him/ her to write a guest blog. Let everybody know that such particular celebrity is in the house! This will drive insane traffic to your site!

39. You will also need to work hand-in-hand with a social media influencer. If that person is going to create content about your brand, make sure that you will also give your inputs.

40. Another thing that an influencer can do is to rate your product or service. Let that individual do some comparison and in-depth analysis about your brand. You can convert such feedback into a web content, in which you can share to your social media accounts! Once again, more traffic!

Video Contents

41. Utilize the power of videos. If you want to have an engaging social media page, then you should answer all the queries through a video FAQ!

42. You will also need to put a lot of related YouTube videos in your social media account. If possible, the videos should come into your YouTube account so that you can include links to your account.

43. Of course, creating videos about your products and articles is also a good strategy. In those videos, do not ever forget to include a call to action! Moreover, the link of your site should be present too!

44. The videos should be spread to every social media channels that you have access!

45. Produce a video in which highlights some real stories about your product. They should come from the testimonials of your customers!
Building Authority

46. When you are speaking engagement, always take the time to promote your social media account and website.

47. If you have a presentation, then distribute it freely. However, the link to your social channels and websites should be present, too!

48. You can also appear on some industry giants by writing for them. If they post your article on their social media accounts, then that's a great bonus!

49. Post your personal bio on different social media channels. People want to know who you are. A proper introduction is a jump start for driving traffic to your site!

50. Make the domain of your website visible to all your social media accounts. Make sure they are present in all of your personal information, too!

Writing Creative Contents

51. For a moment, you should forget your sales pitch. The best thing you should do right now is to solve people's problem. We know your niche or service exists because of a certain degree of necessity. If you can actually help people, then they will eventually trust you. In the long run, that confidence will be converted into organic website traffic.

52. Your content should be published regularly. The more your post, the more engaging you become!

53. The content you create should be unique and out of the box. The more intriguing it is, the more it attracts people to visit your site! And for the record, no plagiarism, please!

54. The information in your content should have a high authority. Whether it is on social media or in search engines, your contents should always be the king! They should be relevant and highly updated!

55. Create attractive graphics to your site. Try to be funny and comical if you can. Of course, these graphics should be related to your niche. Moreover, they should have a link-back to your site.

56. If possible, you can create a regular comic strip, in which people will look forward daily. Once again, they should be related to your site.

57. Make sure that your readers will be able to relate to your content. If they can't relate to it, there is no chance that they will further explore your site.

58. It is all about the title. The headlines should be explosive and catchy!

59. Share your expertise as well. People will eventually trust if they know the things you are capable of. The power of social media sharing will do the marketing for you!

60. It is also the right time to create free eBooks and share them with your social media. However, make sure that your links are ubiquitous in the main pages of your eBook!

61. Aside from eBooks, give other freebies! If you give people a free software, people will surely patronize it. Of course, there is a catch. Before they can get the software, they should have a set of requirements to complete. Such of these are joining your mailing list!

62. Create contents that your readers want to read. Do not create contents that you want them to read. There is a difference between the two.

63. Be controversial. Go against the tide of your niche. Try to debunk some claims. Try to divulge some secrets! Curiosity can drive traffic efficiently!

64. Always contemplate of things that could go viral. A single piece of a controversial image can boost thousands to millions of traffic on your site. Once you share them in your social channels, all of these are possible.

65. Try to have a regular assessment of the contents you are posting on your social media. Identify which one is working and which one is not. In short, you need to invest your time in a content that gives you a massive traffic.

66. Never be always serious. Your readers want to read something fun and hilarious. Being too technical is boring. You should remember that.

67. Learn how to entangle your visitors. After reading an excellent article, it is natural for them to crave more. Therefore, you need to put links of related contents within the article! Do this manually!

68. Join in online forums and communities. Start building your reputation there. Become a volunteer. Help anyone that needs help! Be a hero! People will surely look for you!

69. Create a compelling profile on these niche forums. Be as attractive as suave as possible. Nothing can beat first impressions!

70. Sites like Reddit are firestarters. You should know that most of the viral topics on the internet today originate here. Always lurk on related sub-Reddits to your niche. You might find something there that could spur the interest of your readers! Once again, that's traffic for you!

71. Be as personal as possible. Communicate with your audience. Always build a secure network with people who are willing to share your contents. They are the ones who can effectively deliver the good news about your site!
Social Media Presence

72. We don't have to mention this step anymore. However, some of you might need a beating on the head. Just kidding. We are talking about enhancing your social media presence. How to this? Of course, it is by appearing on all social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it. You have to be there, always!

73. Social media now includes mobile apps. If you have the capacity to invest, then you should start to develop a mobile app to your site. Of course, this should be an app that could help your users. Some webmasters think that a mobile app is just another version of their site. That's a big no! Instead, it should be an assistive extension that enhances the user's experience to your site!

74. Do the "like" marketing. Have you encountered social media pages that say "like and share this article for a chance to win (insert product here)?" This strategy works! And if you will take it seriously, this could drive insane traffic to your site!

75. If you do this competition, make sure you post the result! The proof alone will drive traffic to your site. Also, update them on the next contest, too, with all the future details linking to your website!

76. Driving traffic should be a two-way process. You should not only focus on your site. Instead, you should learn how to drive traffic to your social media channels, too! Social media buttons and pop-ups are necessary for this!

77. Do not merge your social media accounts with your personal account. This is a common mistake many webmasters do! You don't want people to see you twerking, right?

78. You should use your "business" social media account to follow industries and individuals related to your niche.

79. If you are on Twitter, you should retweet their post. Their information is relevant to your audience, too!

80. When you are on Twitter, always tweet catchy contents. Some internet marketers would just tweet whatever is appearing on their site. That is utterly dull.

81. Of course, you have to use the power of hashtags when it is appropriate. Be on the trend. In this way, you can catch more attention from people!

The Power of Google+

82. Google+ is a community for webmasters and internet market. It is where they can build rapport and network. Go to this site and join relevant communities. Just a warning: never do spam! Do you want the Google Hammer? That's how you get the Google Hammer.

83. Always follow relevant people in your niche. You should also introduce yourself to them. In this way, they will also be able to follow you. Who knows? They might share relevant contents you post!

84. You will also need to setup a Google+ Business Page. This is where you will link your website. In the recent updates in the Google search engine, the links from the Google+ is already "no-follow." This means that you can't get any backlink juice from it. However, it still can establish the presence you need.

85. This part is quite technical. You need to utilize the Google Rich Snippets to connect your pages in the Google WebMaster platform. You should know that doing this enhances your presence in the search engine!

Dealing with Youtube

86. YouTube is a great source of organic traffic. This is where people search videos that can help them in their daily errands! If you have a product or service niche, you should have a Youtube Channel, too!

87. YouTube also allows you to link your social media accounts and websites in your channel. Take advantage of this opportunity to get seen!

88. Make informative videos and post it here regularly. People love an updated and consistent delivery of contents, especially if you have an in-demand niche. There is a great tendency that they will share your videos on their personal accounts!

89. You will also need to learn how to optimize your videos. Apparently, YouTube has its unique SEO. If you can optimize correctly, there is a good chance that your videos on the first on the result page!

90. The transcripts of your videos should have your keywords included!

91. As always, you have to follow appropriate channels to your niche. If you want to generate traffic, you have to build a network!

Other Traffic-Generation Schemes

92. Always ask questions in your social media page. People will bother to answer, regardless how senseless it is. Of course, you have to reply, too! But this time, you should include a relevant article coming from your site!

93. As we mentioned, social media is an extensive world. As long as there is a community of people or network of business, then that is already categorized as a "social channel." One of these is going to directories. You can submit the domain your website to these directories. This will increase the number of backlinks of your site!

94. If your business has a "real world" location, then make sure it is present of Google Maps!

95. You have to be a leech at some point. You have to ride on to the success of the giants of your niche. For example, if your niche is fitness, then guest blogging to sites like Men's Health will boost your traffic!

96. In creating a website, make sure you have a catchy domain. It should be something that can be easily remembered. Once your domain name appears on social media, people can quickly digest it to their senses.

97. The traffic coming from social media would be useless if you have a laggy website. Learn how to optimize the loading speed of your site for faster conversions!

98. Build an XML sitemap and submit it to Google WebMasters and Bing WebMasters. This ensures that your site will actually appear on search engines.

99. Consider the use of email marketing. As we told earlier, you need to compel your audience to join your mailing list. In this way, you can send your contents to them promptly.

100. Make sure that the contents of your email have your links embedded in them. Place your links in strategic locations so that they won't be obtrusive. This is a tested-and-proven of generating traffic!

101. Lastly, create infographics and post them on your social media account. Trust us. These visuals work like magic in traffic generation!