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A Guide to Content Marketing for SEO

Content Marketing Strategy For SEO

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Perth Seo (Search Engine Optimization) and content marketing are important tools for any marketer who wants to create a firm digital marketing strategy. Normally, these two digital marketing tools are considered entirely different entities and have remained in silos.

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However, the truth is SEO and content marketing are symbiotically related. SEO requires an excellent content marketing strategy to be effective and similarly content marketing strategy can only be effective with good SEO and ethical Perth seo company. SEO and content marketing thus complement and overlap with each other.

There are minor differences between content marketing and SEO. Content marketing is more holistic and broader while SEO is specific, narrow and technical. The two tools converge in the way that content helps us apply SEO in a broad way and channel its technical endeavors like backlinks and keywords and content marketing can only be successful when we use SEO techniques to create content.

While backlinks and keyword optimization is used in SEO to improve a website’s search engine ranking, it requires content marketing to fulfill this. Good content attracts traffic to the website and Google and other search engines rank those websites higher that have good quality content.

A more detailed explanation of how good content marketing strategy complements SEO is provided below followed by tips to help you build a strong content marketing strategy for SEO.

1. Good Content is an Essential Requirement of SEO

SEO is meaningless without content. Search engine optimization needs keywords, articles, and substance. High amount of good quality content improves the search engine ranking of your website and search engines prefer rich content. High quality content receives more backlinks as well, which improves the associated site’s search ranking.

2. Content Marketing Provides Keywords for SEO

Content written for a website by targeting specific keywords attracts more traffic to a website than something that’s not keyword optimized. Search engines do no perceive like human users. We can understand what the website is about by looking at the pictures on a webpage. For example, if see a jeans and T-shirts on a website, we’ll know that it is an e-commerce site that sells clothes.

However, Google cannot find out what the purpose of a website is unless it’s specified in words. Content marketing enables us to go beyond optimizing the home page of a website and through blogs, articles, press releases, etc. you can target more keywords that are relevant to your website and what users are searching for. Using Google Analytics reports, you can determine the keywords that drive more traffic to your Perth business website.

3. Content Marketing Provides Backlinks for SEO

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SEO requires banklinks and content marketing provides those. Pages that have more banklinks are ranked higher than other web pages. The more backlinks you can get for your Perth website, the more authentic your website will become. You can acquire more backlinks for your website by having your content published on a website of an influential blogger. However, an influential blogger will only publish your post if it is high quality and relevant to their audience.

4. Content Keeps Visitors on the Page Longer

Let us say that a user comes to your Perth business website, cannot find what he/she came for and clicks the [X] button right away. This is what we call a bounce and the more people do this the more your bounce rate will increase. Google factors bounce rate into the SEO profile of your website. If the bounce rate of a certain webpage is very high, that’s a sign that there’s something wrong with that page. Google certainly won’t continue ranking such a webpage since visitors are not staying on it. Content can help you fix the bounce rate issue.

For example, if your homepage’s bounce rate is very high, it may be because it doesn’t offer anything of value to customers. You could improve this webpage by writing content that introduces your company, the products and services you offer and highlights their value. This will keep your visitors on the webpage longer and they may check out other pages on your website.

Building a Content Marketing Strategy for SEO

1. Determine Your Goals

What do you want to accomplish? Are you looking to increase leads? Are you looking to get a certain increase in your sales? Are you trying to get more visitors to subscribe to your newsletter? The first thing you need to do to create a content marketing strategy is determine these goals. When you have figured out your goals, you will know the type of content that should be created to attract more traffic to your website.

If your goal is to get leads, then a good strategy is to create content that offers useful insights, but doesn’t provide all the information so that people will become eager to find out more and provide their emails or contact information to access the gated content.

If you run a car dealership business in Perth, then your goal will be to get more people into your business place to purchase a car. You should not have gated content for this kind of business; rather you should create content that answers common questions people may have about your cars or the buying process. Through your content, you must give reasons as to why people should trust you and what is unique about your dealership.

2. Identify Your Audience and Their Problems

The next thing you need to do to develop a content marketing strategy for SEO is identify who you want to target through your content. There are many people who can help you determine your audience and their problems. Consider taking assistance from sales teams, customer service teams and product marketing teams.

The people on these teams often interact with customers so they have a better idea of their problems. Find out the pain points of your audience and determine what type of content you should create to address those problems and answer their queries. You should also do your own research by searching social media and forums. People often post their complains on social media websites and online forums, so by researching these platforms, you can get an idea about what your audience is struggling with and write content to address those problems.

3. Determine the Unique Expertise of Your Business

Dig deep to figure out things that make your Perth business unique. Your products and services may not be unique, but the way you develop the products and offer services to customers can definitely be different from other businesses. Find out the unique expertise of your business and craft your content to show people those expertise and things that make your business unique.

4. Develop Content Topics Based On Your Content Angle

Once you have identified your target audience and their problems, and have determined the unique expertise of your business, you can figure out your content angle. Your content angle will help you brainstorm topics. Since you know your content angle, you will know the type of content you should be creating for your audience. You will know the topics your audience is interested in.

5. Keyword Research

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Once you have developed a list of content topics, the next thing you need to do for your content marketing strategy is keyword research. Figure out the keywords that your audience is searching for and strategically use them in your content. An important thing to remember for SEO is that the keywords should appear naturally in the content. Search engines are far too advanced now and they’ll find out if keywords are stuffed in the content. Search engines penalize such content and you can never get a higher ranking with keyword stuffing, so avoid such practices.

6. Focus on Linkability

A content marketing strategy for search engine optimization must account for links. As discussed earlier, links are still an important factor for search engine rankings; therefore, your content must focus on linkability. Linkability refers to the potential of your content for securing links. If you content isn’t well-written and doesn’t solve common problems of people or informs them about something important, no one would share it or link it.

You can improve your linkability by writing high-quality content that solves problems of your target audience or informs public about important things relevant to your niche. Another thing you can do to improve your linkability is create something more useful or better than what is already being ranked.

For example, find great content on the internet and create something better on a similar topic. Then reach out to people who linked that content to share your content. This way you can capitalize on link opportunity. The key here is that the new content you create should be better than what is already being ranked; otherwise, no one would bother linking it. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend days researching and creating a comprehensive piece of content — sometimes you can deliver something better by just making a few small tweaks. For example, you can create a topic that is more searchable, improve formatting and readability, explore the subject in more depth, share new research or cite reputable sources.

7. Create Content

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Craft the content for your Perth website keeping all the above mentioned things in mind. With your target audience, keyword research and linkability in mind, research and gather information you need for the content and develop on outline of what your content will look like. Once you have the outline, start writing content. Once you have written the content, launch it on your website.

8. Update and Maintain Content

While the content marketing strategies usually focus on creating new content; for SEO, it is essential to also focus on existing pages and content. As you identify opportunities for new content, don’t forget to keep an eye on the content that is already present on your web pages and blogs. Sometimes it is more effective and easier to update the existing content on your website rather than crafting new content from scratch. In fact, the strategies we have highlighted for crafting new content for SEO can also be applied to the existing content.

Adding extra types of content to upgrade existing content can be very effective. For example, you can make a long post simple by adding a video that explains your points. This will add extra value to your post and improve linkability and you may even capture more attention through YouTube.

Another option is repurposing. You can repurpose content that isn’t performing well into something that addresses the needs of your target audience. Analyze the keywords that the audience is searching for and see if you can include those keywords in the content as you make it more valuable for your audience.

As you can see, the SEO and content marketing really go together and complement each other. We have provided fundamental tips to help create a solid content marketing strategy for SEO. By following these tips, you can optimize your Perth business website and attract more visitors to your website. Determine the goals that you wish to achieve through your content, identify your audience and their pain points, determine the unique expertise of your business, complete keyword research and focus on linkability to craft content for search engine optimization. And don’t forget to improve the existing content for your website as it can also help improve your Perth business website’s search engine ranking.

At ShgSeo, we can help you with keyword research for your content marketing strategy. We will help you identify the keywords relevant to your business. We will use the latest keyword analysis software and strategies to help your improve your Perth business online ranking.

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